Empowering Learners

FramerSpace is a co-creation platform that provides building blocks to support the creation of online courses and connects learners to peers and creators through Artificial Intelligence.

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Easy, like lego blocks.
Creation of a course on FramerSpace is simple. Just pick a feature that suits your purpose - from the dozens that we have available in our menu bar. Drag, drop and there you have it – you’ve created a course!
Collaboration at its best.
Learning happens when it is shared. FramerSpace has been designed in a way in which learners collaborate with their peers and course creators.
Open, yet secure.
The platform is open source, but we take data privacy very seriously. It is our endeavour to ensure that none of your data is leaked or used to serve ads.
Analytics and AI-Driven.
Analytics and AI help you make better decisions at FramerSpace, whether it is in the creation of a new course or collaborating to learn in an existing course.